Mārketinga un reklāmas uzņēmumiem

Promotional costume is one of the advertising forms representing a company, product or service. Promotional costumes always attract a lot of attention; therefore, they serve as a forceful and effective advertising tool. We offer unique and exclusive promotional costumes of high quality. We can create the desired amount of special promotional costumes.

Our services include:

  • Design of promotional costumes;
  • Production of promotional costumes;
  • Production of branded and promotional toys;
  • Embroidery services;
  • Printing on garments.

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Design of PromotionalCostumes

Designer taking into consideration the preferences and the guidelines given (a picture, logo, profile, vision, etc.) creates an initial image of a promotional costume: body, head, clothes, shoes, and other parts to the last detail.

The following issues are taken into account and indicated in the project: the materials and technologies to be used, the way to put the costume on, the spaces to see through when wearing it, the height of the promotional costume and so on. All this is reflected in the initial sketches of the costume that are submitted before the start of production.

Production of Promotional Costumes

Promotional costumes are generally made from the artificial fur, sublimated fabric, synthetic knits, foam rubber, synthepone, polypropylene and other materials that help to produce the impressive forms of promotional clothing.

Usually, a promotional costume consists of a body (the packaging), a T-shirt, a jacket, pants, shorts, gloves, boots, overalls, a head or a face mask, a dress, scarf, waistcoat or any specific objects (such as a huge toothbrush and the like.).

Production of Promotional Toys

Promotional toy is an eye-catching, noticeable, ingenious and practical form of advertising. In view of the needs, desires and goals of the customers, we will produce any promotional toy bearing the desired logo, company mark, symbol or the selected lettering.

Embroidery Services

Making use of modern technologies, we embroider accurate and expressive logos, applique, flags, embroidered patch, emblems and other graphic signs. We can make embroidery on toys, work clothes, T-shirts, hats, leather and a variety of other fabrics.

Printing on Garments

We print the pictures and photos you select on garments such as caps, T-shirts, robes, towels, scarves, etc. Company clothing is an extremely effective representation tool.

Why Choose Promotional Costumes?

The application opportunities of promotional costumes are vast, so, this way, it is possible to carry out a wide range of advertising campaigns effectively. Our long-term experience, high qualification of employees and exclusive working methods make it possible to achieve the best results and ensure high product quality.


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